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Data doesn't have to be scary. Wobby makes it easy.

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How it works

All-in-one solution for easy data insights.

Everything you need to get insights from data—all in one place. Wobby is designed for data newcomers, making complex data simple and accessible.


Discover trusted datasets

Instant access to statistics from reliable sources. Easily explore economic indicators, demographics and more.

  • Find public data 10x faster
  • No more endless internet searches
  • 17.000+ datasets


Integrate your data

Easily add your own data. Upload files such as Excel or CSV, or connect data with integrations to existing apps like Hubspot.

  • Insights from your own data
  • Combine datasets


Chat with the data

Wobby makes data analysis as easy as having a convo with your data.

  • Analyze data with AI in 80+ languages
  • Create charts (pie, bar, maps, ...)
  • No Excel or coding hassles


Create & share your data report

Transform insights into impactful reports and presentations as simply as creating a slide deck. Our tools are designed to help you communicate your findings clearly and compellingly.

  • Live data reports
  • AI-driven reporting
Wobby at work

Added value in every sector

Explore how different sectors leverage Wobby to make informed decisions and communicate effectively. From crafting data stories to influencing policy, see how data drives decision-making across fields.

  • Data journalism
  • Smart policy making
  • Market research
  • Lobbying with facts
  • Data driven PR
  • Academic research

Analyze data your way in
Wobby's Workspace

With Wobby's Workspace, anyone can go from question to data-driven answer in just seconds. 

Talk with AI

Chat with the data

Say what you want to do in your language. Our AI will automatically analyze your data, create visualizations and summarize the data!

Powerful visualizations​

Visualize your data how you want right in the workspace. Easily create line charts, maps and more to spot trends and outliers.

Share your work

Collaborate seamlessly or go public. Control who sees your insights and share your work. Wobby makes sharing simple and secure.

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Explore thousands of trusted datasets

Wobby provides access to thousands of datasets from only the most trusted and up-to-date sources. Our data is sourced on a continuous basis from government agencies, financial institutions, and other authoritative sources to ensure we have the freshest datasets available.

  • Eurostat 🇪🇺
  • Statbel 🇧🇪
  • CBS 🇳🇱
  • World Bank 🌍
  • + many more varied data sources
AI Insights

Insights at scale,

Wobby provides ready-made insights that reveal hidden trends and stories, along with smart summaries and understandable graphs.

  • Crime rates
  • Climate patterns
  • Education metrics
  • + millions of other key indicators
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Customer Testimonials

Easi satisfied customers

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

The A/B testing helped us refine our email campaigns, resulting in a huge increase in open rates.

Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO

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Increase in ad awareness in the first month

Our social media engagement soared within the first month of using this software.

Safaa Sampson

Account Executive

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New followers in the last 4 months

This software allowed us to increase our lead generation, leading to a rise in conversions.

Brendan Buck

Marketing Manager

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Increase in paid bookings vs last year

How Wobby solves your data challenges

Our all-in-one platform brings the numbers, graphs and insights that matter right to your fingertips.

Wobby collects thousands of datasets from official sources like Eurostat and makes them easily accessible. Users get access to the most up-to-date data without time-consuming searches.

Forget complex formulas and programming languages. Ask Wobby questions in plain language to instantly analyze the data. No more wrestling with spreadsheets or learning complex coding languages. Wobby makes data accessible for anyone.



Wobby works seamlessly with your own data. Simply upload your files and Wobby will integrate them for a complete picture.

Forget manually creating graphs. Wobby automatically generates visuals from your data. Choose from maps, bar charts, pie charts, and more! Customize them with your branding and integrate them seamlessly into your report.

Say goodbye to static reports! Wobby uses live data, so your reports are always up-to-date. Plus, easily share your insights with colleagues and clients.

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New Features: Real-Time Data, Automatic Updates, and More

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Tutorial: create a full report in under 10 min – quick and easy!

Tutorial: create a full report in under 10 min – quick and easy!

At Wobby, we’re all about making data analysis easy and accessible for everyone. Recently, we held a webinar on how to use Wobby, and the response was fantastic! We gathered data from our registrants and

How VRT NWS and Knack used Wobby to analyze Belgian election results and social indicators

How VRT NWS and Knack used Wobby to analyze Belgian election results and social indicators

Recently, we collaborated with journalists from VRT NWS and Knack to analyze the Belgian election results. VRT NWS is a leading public broadcaster in Belgium, while Knack is a well-known Belgian news magazine. This collaboration

We started Wobby because we saw how hard it is for teams to make sense of complex data, and we're working tirelessly to change that.

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