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Go from credible data to insights.

Go from data to insights in minutes. Wobby streamlines your workflow by bringing together scattered reliable data sources into one intuitive platform.

Journalists can use Wobby to easily find data-driven stories. With Wobby, accessing up-to-date statistics and generating insights becomes as simple as asking a question.

Policy makers can actively search for and analyze data in Wobby to shape policies. Start with your data or find global statistics, open it in the workspace, and use a simple chat to understand what’s happening and make informed decisions.

Federations can centralize their sector’s most crucial data with Wobby. Search for specific industry trends, upload your federation’s data, and analyze it in a workspace to provide valuable insights to your members.



Lobbyists can leverage Wobby to support their causes with hard facts. Find relevant statistics or upload data that supports your position, analyze it in the workspace, and use insights to lobby effectively and convincingly.


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Explore thousands of trusted datasets

Wobby provides access to thousands of datasets from only the most trusted and up-to-date sources. Our data is sourced on a continuous basis from government agencies, financial institutions, and other authoritative sources to ensure we have the freshest datasets available.

  • Eurostat 🇪🇺
  • Statbel 🇧🇪
  • CBS 🇳🇱
  • + many more varied data sources
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Reliable datasets

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Spark AI Insights

Insights at scale,

Wobby provides ready-made insights that reveal hidden trends and stories. Our AI-agent, Spark, analyzes massive statistical datasets and generates insights with smart summaries and understandable graphs.

  • Crime rates
  • Climate patterns
  • Education metrics
  • + millions of other key indicators
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Wobby's new Workspace: Rebuilt. Redesigned. Ready to Chat.

Now, unlocking insights from complex data is as easy as having a conversation. 

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Analyze data your way in our chat workspace

With Wobby's Workspace, anyone can go from question to data-driven answer in just minutes. Wobby assists you every step of the way, automating complex tasks so you can focus on discoveries.

Talk with AI

Chat with the data

Say what you want to do in your language. Our AI will automatically analyze your data, create visualizations and summarize the data!

Share your work

Collaborate seamlessly or go public. Control who sees your insights and share your work. Wobby makes sharing simple and secure.

Powerful visualizations

Visualize your data how you want right in the workspace. Easily create line charts, maps and more to spot trends and outliers.

How Wobby solves data challenges

We bring the numbers, graphs and insights that matter right to your fingertips.

Wobby collects thousands of datasets from official sources like Eurostat and makes them easily searchable. Users get access to the most up-to-date data without time-consuming searches.

Wobby provides pre-generated insights like summaries, highlighted trends, and recommended data comparisons. Journalists, analysts, researchers, and more can quickly discover stories and angles without starting analysis from scratch.

Wobby provides an intuitive no-code workspace that saves users from spreadsheets or coding headaches. Ask questions in plain language to instantly analyze the data. No more wrestling with spreadsheets or learning complex coding languages. Wobby makes data accessible for anyone.

Users can follow important statistics to get alerts when new releases arrive. Wobby automatically refreshes previous analyses, saving time and effort.

Collaborate seamlessly or go public. Control who sees your insights and share your work. Wobby makes sharing simple and secure.

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Latest News @ Wobby

Wobby’s new Chat Workspace is here!

Wobby’s new Chat Workspace is here!

It’s here! We’re thrilled to launch Wobby’s new and improved Workspace. Now, unlocking insights from complex data is as easy as having a conversation. No more wrestling with complex tools – ask questions, get answers, and visualize results through an intuitive chat interface. We’re initially offering early access to a select group of users and […]

Video tutorial: analyzing housing affordability in Europe with Wobby.

Video tutorial: analyzing housing affordability in Europe with Wobby.

Hi there! Nathan here, the co-founder of Wobby. Using Eurostat data available on Wobby, I looked at the percentage of the population who spend over 40% of their income on housing costs. First I created a visualization that shows the gap in housing affordability between those born in a country vs. those not born there. The % struggling […]

New visualization options on Wobby!

New visualization options on Wobby!

We’re excited to share some new updates to help you get even more value out of Wobby. We’ve added 8 new visualization options – like pie charts, maps, and scatter plots – plus color palettes and legends to make your data really stand out. These new interactive charts will help you better understand and present […]

We built Wobby because we firmly believe that accurate information should be accessible to everyone. Our talented team works tirelessly behind the scenes. Together, we aim to turn complex statistics into simple, useful stories.