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Founded in 2023 in Antwerp (Belgium) and backed by startup accelerator Imec.istart, Wobby opens up the immense world of data to everyone.

Often hidden in the depths of the internet, we bring the numbers, graphs and insights that matter right to your fingertips. Started as a smart tool to help journalists find new stories, Wobby now steps up the game to aid organizations of all sizes.

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What we do

Wobby opens the world of data to everyone



Wobby’s mission is to become the first thing on people’s mind when they’re looking for credible statistical data.

We’re building a society where decisions are empowered by facts.

We built Wobby because we firmly believe that accurate information should be accessible to everyone. Our talented team works tirelessly behind the scenes. Together, we aim to turn complex statistics into simple, useful stories.

Team members

Talented team
behind Wobby

The Wobby team unites data savvy and creative skills behind a shared drive to make data insights accessible and empowering.

Amra Dorjbayar

Co-founder & CEO

Former data journalist at VRT NWS.

Nathan Tetroashvili

Co-founder & CTO

Quinten Verhelst

Software Engineer

Marie-Paule T. Yamna

Customer Experience Engineer