New Features: Real-Time Data, Automatic Updates, and More

At Wobby, we’re always working to make data analysis easier and more intuitive. Today, we’re excited to share some new features that will transform how you interact with your data.


Real-Time Data Connections

We’ve made it possible for you to connect Wobby directly to your PostgreSQL databases. This means real-time access to your live data, making your insights more accurate and timely. We’re starting with PostgreSQL, but more database options are coming soon.

This means no more manual uploads. Your analyses are always current, reflecting the latest data automatically. It’s like having a live feed to your insights.

Automatic Updates and Insights

Say goodbye to manual data syncing. Wobby now updates your analyses automatically when new data comes in. Wobby also summarizes the changes for you, so you get a quick overview of what’s new, and will email you these updates.

This saves you time and ensures your reports are always up-to-date. Plus, the summaries make it easy to see important changes at a glance.

email summary sync

Improved Data Search

We’ve made it easier to find the data you need with better search filters for countries and date ranges. Finding specific datasets is now quicker and more straightforward.


discovery filters

Organized reports, workspaces & datasets

Keeping your datasets, workspaces and reports tidy is now easier with our new organizational tools. You can name and color-code folders, making your data more accessible and your items more manageable.

Folders example gif

We’re always looking to improve Wobby. Soon, we’ll add dynamic report templates and even better workspace UX. Our goal is to make data analysis as easy and intuitive as possible.

With these new features, Wobby is leading the way in making data analysis simpler and more effective. We can’t wait for you to try them out.


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