How VRT NWS and Knack used Wobby to analyze Belgian election results and social indicators

Recently, we collaborated with journalists from VRT NWS and Knack to analyze the Belgian election results. VRT NWS is a leading public broadcaster in Belgium, while Knack is a well-known Belgian news magazine. This collaboration highlighted our commitment to making data-driven insights accessible and meaningful.

Using Wobby’s AI-driven platform, the journalists explored the election results in conjunction with various social and economic indicators. Our technology processed vast datasets efficiently, enabling the identification of significant trends and insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

The analysis revealed intriguing patterns, such as:

  • Economic Correlations: Identifying how different regions performed economically and their voting behaviors.
  • Social Indicators: Understanding the relationship between social factors and election outcomes.
cover photo 'How VRT NWS and Knack Used Wobby to Analyze Belgian Election Results and Social Indicators'
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