How VRT NWS uses Wobby: AI-Assisted Data Journalism

(Watch use case video below)

VRT NWS is the news service of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT in Belgium, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of local and international news.

Wobby: A Game-Changer for Journalists
In the fast-paced world of news, finding and analyzing data quickly can be a huge challenge for journalists. This is where Wobby steps in. Created by Amra Dorjbayar, a former VRT NWS data journalist with a background in investigative journalism and fact-checking, Wobby emerged from a pressing need within the newsroom. Journalists often struggle to access the right data quickly, especially during breaking news situations, leading to frustrations and missed opportunities. 

Wobby aims to bridge this gap by making data easily accessible through AI, enabling journalists to ask questions in natural language and receive comprehensive analyses and visualizations in return.


How VRT NWS Utilizes Wobby
VRT NWS’s check-redaction team has been experimenting with Wobby to verify statements and data, especially in the context of elections. Political claims often require swift verification to maintain public trust and provide accurate information. Wobby offers a solution by enabling journalists to query vast datasets effortlessly, generate analyses, and even produce various types of visualizations automatically. 

Wobby’s collaboration with VRT NWS showcases the potential of AI to revolutionize fact-checking and data journalism. But this is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to empower journalists and researchers everywhere with the tools they need to uncover the stories hidden within data. Explore Wobby today and discover the future of data-driven storytelling.


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