Must read: Wobby spotlighted in a research paper on open data and AI

We’re excited to share that Wobby has been recognized in a recent study exploring the intersection of open data and generative AI. The paper, titled “A Spectrum of Scenarios for Open Data and Generative AI,” was authored by Hannah Chafetz, Sampriti Saxena, and Stefaan Verhulst, PhD, and published by The GovLab and Open Data Policy Lab.

The research delves into how artificial intelligence can play a pivotal role in making open data more accessible and actionable for users across various sectors. Wobby is featured as a case study for our efforts to democratize data access through our AI-driven platform. This recognition underscores our commitment to enhancing the usability of open data and supports our mission to empower users by simplifying data analysis.

This mention is not just a testament to our technology but also to our team’s dedication to making data more user-friendly and engaging. We are thankful to the researchers for recognizing our work and are inspired to continue innovating at the intersection of data and technology.

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