New updates: Support for larger datasets, AI generated reporting and more

At Wobby, we believe that effective data tools should not only be powerful but also intuitive and responsive to your needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce several new features designed to enhance your experience and empower your analysis further.

Datasets Up to 250 Columns

Previously, Wobby users were limited to datasets with 20 columns. This restriction meant that many had to make tough choices about which data to include in their analysis, potentially leaving out crucial variables. No longer. We’ve supercharged Wobby to handle datasets with up to 250 columns! More columns mean deeper insights and fewer compromises in how you use your data.

This important upgrade was made possible by significant advancements in our integration of Large Language Models (LLMs). Our AI models are the backbone of Wobby, providing the intelligence that powers data analysis and visualization. By optimizing our LLMs to handle larger datasets, we’ve set a new standard for what’s possible in our all-in-one platform.

Check out the demo below to see how we analyze a HubSpot dataset with 213 columns, all in just a few seconds, using Wobby.

Automatic Text and Image Generation for Reports

Ever wished you could automatically generate text and images that complement the data visualizations in your reports? Now you can. Our new feature lets you create titles, bullet points, and even images from the visualizations in your reports. Why? Because we know that speed and efficiency matter when you’re translating complex data into actionable insights.

Default Color Palette Settings

Tired of resetting your preferred color palette for each new visualization? Set your default color palette once in your settings for consistent styling across all your visualizations. This change saves time and maintains visual consistency throughout your projects.

Enhanced User Experience

Based on your feedback, we’ve refined the UX on several pages within the app. The result is a much smoother interaction that lets you focus more on your data and less on navigating the interface.

We’d Love Your Feedback

We’re really proud of our new updates and we’d love to hear what you think! Let us know – we’re always listening.

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