Video tutorial: analyzing housing affordability in Europe with Wobby.

Hi there! Nathan here, the co-founder of Wobby.

Using Eurostat data available on Wobby, I looked at the percentage of the population who spend over 40% of their income on housing costs.

First I created a visualization that shows the gap in housing affordability between those born in a country vs. those not born there. The % struggling is consistently higher for foreign-born populations…

And then I made a simple map highlighting how many people over 18, born in their own country, find housing unaffordable, with Greece 🇬🇷 showing the highest rates.

This one is perfect for journalists, researchers, policy makers, and anyone curious about the dynamics of housing affordability.

We have all kinds of global data on Wobby which you can analyze with our intuitive workspace, make sure to give it a try!

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