What’s new at Wobby: Data upload and Workspace updates!

What’s really cool is seeing how Wobby is actually bringing value and how the problem we solve resonates with so many people. We’re constantly listening to your feedback and shipping new features to help you quickly access, analyze, and understand complex data without needing any technical skills. Here are our latest updates:

1. Improved Data Upload Flow

Uploading data to Wobby is now simpler and more efficient. The interface is more user-friendly, and the infrastructure is faster.

Two new key features here:

  • Data Quality Suggestions: Get tips to improve your data quality.
  • Analysis Ideas: Start analyzing your data right after upload with instant analysis suggestions.

Example: As a market researcher, you can upload your survey results, receive suggestions for cleaning the data, and begin your analysis right away! 🙂

data upload flow

2. Enhanced Visualization Options

We’ve made visualizing data more flexible:

  • Adjust Font Sizes: Make your charts more readable.
  • Customize Colors: Change chart colors to suit your needs.
  • Better Legends: We have revamped the legend positioning and added more options.
Congrats to our intern Josué for shipping these new features, his first batch of features!

Line Chart - new visualization updates


3. Your Workspace, Your Preferences

Our workspace now offers more customization:

  • Data Analysis Styles: Choose how Wobby interacts with you, whether you want straightforward insights or a more guided approach.
  • Multilingual Chat Support: You can now chat with Wobby in your own language. Wobby supports 80 languages, making it easier for people from different backgrounds to use the platform.

Workspace updates

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